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Commercial properties

We provide a range of services aimed at helping individuals and businesses buy, sell, let and rent their commercial property.

Helping you find the right location for your next commercial venture

Boasting a dedicated commercial property division, Victorstone is easily the first estate agent of choice in London when it comes to sourcing, selling and letting commercial spaces in the capital.

Our multi-discipline approach means we have access to the skills and knowledge required to successfully advise and handle transactions of any scale and complexity – particularly those within London’s fast-moving and ever-competitive commercial market.

Our services include:

  • Selling commercial property
  • Leasing commercial property
  • Acquiring commercial property
  • Sourcing commercial properties for investment purposes

We act for both landlords and tenants and we work with clients of all sizes. Whether you’re a private landlord or an institutional investor with a multi-million pound international portfolio, we will handle every facet of your commercial property requirements to achieve the best possible outcome for everyone involved in the transaction.

Industrial property

Industrial sites are vital to our economy – and because most industrial tenants sign longer-term leases, they can prove to be lucrative investments. Regardless of whether you’re searching for an industrial property to buy or rent, our team will support you through the property sourcing process and help you secure attractive terms when you’re ready to move forward. We can also ensure you achieve the best possible offer if you’re looking to offload an industrial property yourself.

Retail property

There’s still a strong demand for brick-and-mortar premises, especially in our nation’s capital. Victorstone has many years’ experience in securing suitable retail properties for businesses, landlords, developers, and investors. We specialise in finding store spaces in desirable locations and with good local facilities, such as car parking bays; we can also provide expert advice on restoring, renovating and optimising these assets to help you achieve good long-term rental yields.


Coronavirus has pushed forward the trend for home working. But though companies’ needs have changed in many ways in recent times, there is still a requirement for traditional office spaces in many sectors. Our commercial property consultants can help you spot great value, high yielding opportunities in areas that are popular amongst business tenants – and work with you to explore suitable financing options before finalising your agreement.