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Property furnishing services

Furniture packages to suit all circumstances and budgets

Invest in professional design for better rental returns

Victorstone offers a bespoke design service to ensure your property stands out pre-sale and meets your tenants’ needs when they move in situ.

Maintaining a high standard of finish is especially important post-completion, when a number of comparable properties will be marketed alongside each other. But sourcing and acquiring the right furniture is no mean feat, especially when time is of the essence and you’re working within pre-determined budgets.

Our property furnishing service forms an essential part of our hands off investment solution in that it guarantees you the best results with minimal input from yourself. We will handle the fitting out of your property on your behalf, taking your ideas and preferences on board whilst ensuring your interiors remain practical, fit for purpose, and highly desirable to your target market.

How we work

Our furnishings team will liaise with all parties to develop a design plan that suits the expected tenant profile, the anticipated market rent, the location of the property and, importantly, the budget you have set aside for dressing and equipping your space.

We understand that you’re investing in furniture to not only reach the right buyer or tenant, but also to enhance your rental return in the longer term. Any furniture recommendations are made after we have conducted a thorough cost-benefit appraisal, which will be included in your landlord furniture package as standard.

Contact us today for more information

We offer a range of furniture packs for landlords, students and homeowners, at varying price points. Speak with one of our property consultants to discuss your requirements in more detail and get a quote for these essential works.