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International property investments

We work in partnership with some of the largest regional developers to ensure our clients enjoy access to the most impressive property investment opportunities in Dubai.

Secure your next overseas property with our assistance

We specialise in sourcing and securing apartments, off-plan properties, town houses, villas, and penthouse in some of the most iconic developments in Dubai.

Drawing upon our astute knowledge of the country’s housing market – not to mention our understanding of the regulations, legalities, and tax implications of investing in overseas property – we provide a first-class advisory service to anyone seeking to purchase a home or investment asset in Dubai.

Regardless of whether you are making your first foray into the property development and investment industry, or you’re keen to add to an existing international portfolio, we will guide you through the entire purchasing process to ensure it’s a straightforward and wholly rewarding experience.

Why invest in property in Dubai?

Dubai is the place where east meets west; where tourism meets commerce. It’s the business heartbeat of an entire continent, not to mention the financial centre of the Middle East – and it’s the perfect place in which to diversify your investments.

In fact, Dubai investment property is among the most highly sought-after globally. Investors’ heads are turned by Dubai’s luxury apartments and glamorous culture, not to mention the fact it boasts some of the most extensive and exclusive gated communities, most of which are within a short distance of some of the best schools and hospitals in the world.

With the right help, great returns are guaranteed

Unlike many other regions, Dubai offers stable investment potential. Since the economic crash of 2008, Dubai’s housing market has matured into a reliable bet for international investors – and one that we know from experience can yield high growth, often in the region of between 6% and 10%.

This enhanced performance and stability even extends from 1-4 bed apartments and houses into second homes and holiday homes, as well as individual hotel rooms and studios in existing developments, all of which can be invested in as separate assets.

Working with Victorstone

Many are now investing ahead of the next expected growth period. You could be one of them.

Contact us today for more information on investing in property in Dubai, or to access our impressive portfolio of available opportunities. We have extensive experience in sourcing Dubai investment properties – from new homes and holiday lets to commercial spaces – and we can manage your transaction all the way to completion and beyond, with various package options available for international landlords keen to take advantage of Dubai’s impressive rental returns.