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Iana Burduja

International Lettings Manager

Iana represents Victorstone International homeowners and or prospective tenants. Raised in Europe, she understands the numerous intangible benefits of living in London with its unmatched opportunities, culture, and diversity.

Iana studied Administrative Science at college, which has contributed to her excellent organisational skills and her creative approach to problem-solving. She also boasts a Bachelor's degree in Law, which has enhanced not only her legal knowledge but also her negotiation, detail orientation, interpersonal and analytical skills, qualities that have facilitated her path to being a successful Manager at Victorstone,

Iana says:
"Delivering outstanding customer service has been an essential part of a day's work for me. As Victorstone Residential Lettings' Manager, I am responsible for all office procedures and using my organisational skills I ensure smooth operations in such a busy work environment. I am committed to listening to our clients' needs and utilising my keen negotiating skills to ensure a successful transaction.

"As someone who is passionate about properties and the rental market, sales, negotiations, and continuous development, joining Victorstone's Residential department was a natural fit. And, as I have the ability to speak and communicate in five different languages, I can build customer confidence, trust and loyalty both internationally and locally.

"With five years of experience in the residential lettings industry in London and hundreds of past transactions under my belt, I am a well-regarded property consultant and the winner of several industry awards. In my free time, I enjoy watching the news and documentaries to keep myself informed about current affairs and the latest developments on the local and international market.

"At Victorstone, we take a team approach to real estate. Letting a home in London is a complex, sophisticated, and often deeply personal endeavour. The client deserves the complete service and attention that only a team of experts can consistently provide. Working with our lettings team, clients have a personal engagement, traditionally associated with the client-agent relationship improved by the professionalism and consistency of a thoughtful business model. And yes, superior results naturally follow!

"I am also proud to be part of a company that has supported the world’s most needy ever since its inception, which forms the backbone of its ethos and values."