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Ioana Curleanca

Client Liaison Team

An English Literature and History graduate, Ioana always thought that she would spend her professional life surrounded by books and articles, but fate had another plan. After working as a Contract Supervisor for a well-regarded general services company in London for two years and gaining valuable experience during her time there, she decided to join Victorstone due to our innovative and dynamic approach to the real estate industry.

Ioana says:
"Having just started my career in estate agency with Victorstone, I can firmly say that I chose this company as a workplace thanks to the ethical values and ethos they promote. Continuously working to deliver impeccable service to all clients and always putting their needs and interests first, Victorstone has made revolutionising the estate industry their primary target. The numerous awards won by the team are a testimony of their dedication and hard work.

"Growing up in an Eastern-European society and having moved to London to continue my undergraduate studies, I see this city as a hub for innovation and diversity, offering numerous opportunities and constantly evolving. Victorstone is an example of a company willing to adapt while keeping its core values intact. Their dedication to charity work is admirable, as is their eagerness to give back to the community and to the people who need it most, and I am proud to be in a company that treats the world like a part of their family

"In my spare time, I enjoy spending time in nature, going for hikes and long walks in the park. Reading is also an interest of mine, as are gardening and photography. A creative person, I aim to surround myself with creative tasks and use my creativity in my day-to-day life, finding inspiration in everything.”