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Karnell Watson

Trainee Lettings Consultant

My previous role before Victorstone International was an administration role within a creative design studio. It consisted of daily admin tasks and the occasional innovative design. I graduated from NTU with a Ba Hons in Interior Architecture and Design. My main focus has always been designing being able to express yourself through patterns and colours. But my love for architecture made me appreciate most things about the letting world.

I have a keen interest in the residential sector, what it can offer you and what you can gain from it. The focus of selling or buying a home for personal or professional purposes. As a complete newcomer to the lettings business, I quickly realised just how fortunate I was to have been given this opportunity to grow my knowledge in this sector and gain valuable experience. Each property has a history or story behind it that’ll make every day different.

The approach, the limitless boundaries, the thrive always to do and be better attracted me to Victorstone International. Being able to understand the growth you’ve developed within yourself. Knowing that there are bigger doors that need to be opened but not fearing doing so.

The training spans over the better part of a week, with in-depth PowerPoint and demonstrations 30% of my job role is taught, and the other 70% is learnt on the job by shadowing senior staff and eventually jumping in the deep end.

I feel a part of a team. My role is helpful because the more we work together, the quicker and more efficient the job is completed. They maximised the potential growth the pandemic could provide the company throughout the pandemic. It allowed for them to expand socially and create more presence online. As long as I do the work and put in the hours, the company and brand will not fail to do their part. I will achieve the results I deserve. Victorstone International provides me with the drive and determination to complete each day.

My aspirations are limitless; I desire the knowledge to eventually build a company that can provide services that’ll fulfil someone’s dreams. Victorstone International offers me the chance to define the type of lifestyle I want to have. It’s allowed me to broaden my knowledge. Their effort into their employees makes them unique, ensuring they strive to be the best version of themselves, daily mantras, and such.

The company director Muhib would be my main inspire, eh speak with such passion about the role that I desire to that sort of love for the work I do.

Commission works well when you work with it. The more work you put in, the more rewards you reap.