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Marco Costeira

Lettings Consultant

Marco was raised in a catholic home. His nationality is Portuguese, but he was born and raised in London. Before being an estate agent, Marco completed his studies in sports science by achieving a Level 3 diploma. He continues to enjoy sports; he regularly goes to the gym and plays for his local football club on weekends.

Marco says:
"During my time in retail, I developed my skills in helping people and always putting customers and people first instead of me.

"The reason I chose to become an estate agent was that I have always loved the property industry from a young age and decided to put all my sales skills that I learnt from retail into the property industry, as my dream has always been to live abroad and be a multi property landlord one day. I have always been very ambitious, and my goal in life has always been to travel the world and be a homeowner one day. Victorstone will help me achieve that and has helped me to push myself in order to become a better property consultant.

"Victorstone has been by far my best experience within the property industry as they have boosted my knowledge and taught me so much. My lettings manager Iana has been exceptional and helpful in getting me started within the company and helping me strengthen my knowledge and become a better negotiator in general. I am known for my exceptional customer service skills and knowledge and dedicate my time to helping and prioritising my clients to the best of my ability.

"The reason I chose to work for Victorstone was because I liked their vision of growth and strongly believe that the company is heading in the right direction to become one of the top estate agents in the UK. I like the fact that the company is very diverse with its staff and always wants the best for everyone, and I see a lot of progression within the company and myself."