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Mirjan Ramaj

Lettings Consultant

Mirjan is a recent politics and international relations graduate from the Queen Mary University of London. Before working at Victorstone, Mirjan worked in several different industries. However, all required consistent interactions with a variety of other customers on a day-to-day basis, meaning Mirjan developed a great deal of experience in providing a high level of customer service.

Mirjan says:
"The position of being a property consultant was extremely enticing, as I was able to utilise the skills I learned at University on a day to day basis. I felt that a job in the property industry would be perfect for me as you are in constant communication with your clients, too.

"Victorstone is a company that provides a vast number of opportunities for career development. These opportunities, accompanied by the high standard of training we receive, have allowed me to progress rapidly in the company and improve my sales skills.

"Since my arrival, the company has made it apparent it is determined to provide the highest level of customer service. Their investment in data analysis is another example of this. This, accompanied by the company's expansion on the international scale, signals the company's growing influence. This growing influence benefits our customers and future customers as we can now provide more investment opportunities.

"I was recommended to Victorstone by an existing staff member, which is a testament to its staff care and retention practices. The company is willing to take on so many young inexperienced staff members and provide them with fantastic opportunities – something that is praiseworthy in itself."