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Mohammed Nur

Client Liaison Team

Growing up in the East London community, Mohammed wasn't sure what he wanted to do later in life. During his years in college, he found that he was more interested in administrative work – and he began to think of what he could do that would help people. He later discovered the uniqueness of property management as a career path; there's so much opportunity for growth within the sector, not to mention the chance to help clients make some of the most important decisions of their lives.

Mohammed says:
"When I came across Victorstone, something about the company stood out. Their reputation for cultural diversity and to help the most needy was an appeal to me, as they shared the same values as me "Joining Victorstone, I found people who are passionate, self-motivated and career-driven. I also found my colleagues to be approachable and motivating.

"Within a short span of time, I have been part of more than just maintenance and have also had the opportunity to conduct inspections and learn so much more about the many different types of documentation a property needs, such as a property license and HMO's.

"I love the diversity within the company. There are many people from many different backgrounds, and I am so proud to be part of that especially given I come from an East-African (Somali) background. I was originally born in Mombasa (Kenya) which means I can speak Swahili as well as some Somali.

"In my spare time I do enjoy sightseeing, spending time with family and friends and regularly visiting the movies. Whilst I'm still young, I do make effort to travel as much as possible to see not only the world but experience many different cultures.

"Time to time within the year I do like to support struggling countries that Islamic relief help and are yet so under-funded. To me this doesn't only help starving women and children but reminds me to be human and appreciate what I have as many have it much worse. I am also working towards joining a voluntary group that goes out to countries within West and East Africa to help them and get a much open reality of the devastation in some of these countries."