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Aaliyah Handi

Lettings Consultant

As an individual, I like to think of myself as a very creative person with a charismatic and bubbly personality. I studied Media, Film and Photography for my A levels and wanted to do something which could fuel that drive for creativity. I have a real passion for all things creative arts, and in my spare time, I like to shoot content of random things around London, which working for Victorstone helps me discover loads of new places for content as I’m constantly travelling all over the place.

Aaliyah says:

Before coming to Victorstone, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my career and which paths I wanted to go down, except I knew I wanted to do something that I liked and let me continue doing what I liked. I was working at a juice bar serving and making drinks for people during the pandemic and wasn’t feeling fulfilled with what I was doing and needed a significant change. Through a scheme called Kickstarter, I found Victorstone and decided that the world of property is where I wanted the beginning of my professional career. At only 19, with no experience in the industry, they took a chance on me, recruited me as a viewing coordinator and gave me the best possible training any company could provide a person. The director himself took time out of his whole week to train a few other new people and me in an in-depth 4-day training session where we learnt everything about the company and its ethos and what our roles would be and how to do our jobs to the best standards that they could be done.

I love working for Victorstone because there are lots of scopes to move up within the company. From being a viewing coordinator, I could be moved up to a letting negotiator and even higher up than that. The lifestyle at Victorstone is very fast-moving; there’s never a quiet day which is great because that means I’m always on the go, all over London. The company itself is like one big family, and everyone works together to bring the company to its best potential.