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Asad Mehmood

Associate Partner

Asad is a dedicated and growth-driven professional dealing with real estate in East Surrey, including areas such as Epsom, Esher, and Ashtead.

Asad is eager to integrate his diverse skill set and strong drive to make a meaningful difference into his work as a professional company director in the Victorstone group. His diligence and exceptional organisational and time management skills allow him to excel in the real estate sector, as does his passion for interacting with and helping people from all backgrounds and ages.

In his work, Asad consistently demonstrates commitment to maturity, responsibility, and a positive mindset, setting a standard for others and allowing him to establish strong and long-lasting relationships with clients. He is strongly driven to contribute to a meaningful difference in any role while upholding the values of integrity and curiosity.

Expanding his network primarily through luxury sales and client relationships in London and Surrey, Asad specialises in managing high-value contracts and transactions. Focusing on individual clients and B2B engagements, Asad facilitates seamless real estate deals and fosters enduring partnerships.

As a person driven by meaningful experiences and growth, Asad worked in law enforcement, where he developed values of honesty and accountability, which empowered him to succeed in the real estate industry. Through Asad’s time as a police officer, he developed strong leadership skills and a deep understanding of community dynamics, which are insights he applies to navigate complex situations with tact, resilience, and empathy. These qualities allow Asad to hone his property management, sales, and strategic planning skills.

At the core of Asad’s ethos are strong values centred around balance and a connection with nature. As a strong believer in the importance of maintaining a healthy mind and body, Asad enjoys going on hikes and prioritises regular gym workouts as a key part of his routine. Through these, he cultivates not only discipline but also clarity in thought and decision-making. Asad has also engaged in the coordination of community events, including food preparation for over 25,000 guests.

With Asad’s diverse background, unwavering integrity, and commitment to excellence, Asad excels as a real estate professional and company director, impacting the industry and beyond.  

Asad says

“My mindset has always been to undertake each business venture and each experience as an opportunity to create a positive and meaningful impact on people’s lives. By blending expertise with empathy, innovation with integrity, I envision a future where every real estate endeavour enriches lives and strengthens communities.”