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Lasen Nemhard

Associate Partner

Lasen is a professional, devoted Luxury Real Estate Agent favouring elegant, comfortable living across London and Hertfordshire.

Her patience and determination go hand-in-hand when delivering her client’s ideal dream home, ensuring that she’s found the perfect habitat that suits their wants and needs to the best of her ability. Lasen never gives up until she feels and sees her clients delighted, floating on cloud nine.

Following her graduate degree in fashion design, Lasen has an eye for detail, sophistication and style. Staying on trend socially within this lifestyle, she always considers new upcoming opportunities for her clients while making sure specific details that are a necessity for them and their families allow them to live in the comfort of their homes, ensuring this is prioritised.

Her primary focus is discovering luxury real estate in prime London and Hertfordshire. Lasen believes family is essential, and she knows having a happy home needs to suit everyone. She strives to create a wholesome content environment catering to all her client’s obligations.

Lasen is committed and reliable and loves to be organised. Her cheerful, friendly attitude goes towards building strong relationships with her clients, going above and beyond, leaving them with an enchanted, warm-hearted experience, and allowing their dreams of living to become a reality.

Lasen says:

“I believe true beauty is failure. Facing setbacks while chasing optimism, learning from mistakes, and trying again is the pureness of capturing a strong, successful soul and accomplishing your desires.”