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Meghan Moore

Associate Partner

Meghan is an astute Real Estate professional specialising in Prime properties and specialises in the Boroughs of Islington, Camden and Westminster.

Before her role at Victorstone, Meghan worked as an International real estate broker covering the market in Greece, working with clients seeking either a return on their investment or a dream second home.  She wanted to expand her horizons in her real estate career. She believed Victorstone would be the best place to do so because of the great support and training that is provided to all of its partners as well as the success the company has built through hard work, which reflects my values as I am someone who is hard working and who wants to build a successful career. Furthermore, my experience and network of buyers during my time working in the Greek property market has also enabled me to offer my clients the exclusive and off-market offering that Victorstone has access to

Meghan is a Law graduate and a Real Estate master’s student from UCL. She discovered her passion for real estate whilst studying law in subjects such as land law which piqued her interest and gave her the drive to follow her passion and begin a career in real estate. Meghan has demonstrated her devotion to charity work within her local community. She has partaken in organising food banks in her local community as her local community is essential to her, which is a value that also coincides with Victorstone.

Meghan says:

“My goal is to own my international real estate agency. Working with Victorstone has allowed me to broaden my knowledge of the real estate market and understand the fundamentals of operating my own business. My role as an associate partner has given me growth and the confidence to help me unlock my full potential and help my clients achieve their goals of attaining their dream home.”