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Rachael Kele

Associate Partner

An expert in real estate, Rachael serves as your access point to an elevated lifestyle in the world of luxurious living. Residing in a wealth-centric and multi-ethnic environment in the West End, she knows the discerning needs of affluent buyers.

With her consistency, tenacity, and meticulous attention to detail, realms of limitless opportunities and potential dream homes are unlocked, delivering luxury in prime London, Dubai, and the UAE. Her results speak for themselves with the accumulation of international and domestic connections in asset management.

A course that matches her desire to provide care and value for communities and districts was embarked on in her study of Pharmacy at the University of Kent – her motive has always been to optimise the lives of others. A challenge she took head-on with being one of the top 10 Universities for the course at the time, away from the city, out of her comfort zone, which moulded her.

But Rachael’s remarkable transition and sacrifice from this four-year master’s in pharmacy to wholeheartedly embracing freelancing, combined with extensive property internships and hands-on viewings across the city, reflect her unmatched devotion to the craft. This same unwavering dedication throughout the years propels her to new heights daily.

As a devout Christian, she has embodied and grasped ancient Abrahamic principles of wealth exchange, investment, inheritance and the essentiality of providing value for the individuals she serves. Becoming a Professional drummer to crowd-filled singing engagements at celebratory events, she is known to set the benchmark. Her services align with nothing less.

Rachael says:

“New levels and new heights. I strive for new glories and never back down. My dedication and skills cultivate a high level of value added to the clients I provide for. They discover the endless opportunities in the ever-expanding world of luxury real estate and make their dreams a reality.”