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Sairah Raja

Lettings Consultant

Sairah says:

“I am an experienced residential leasing/rental broker that assists investors and multi-owner landlords maximise their returns. Working closely with our administrative and property management team, I ensure the process remains professional and smooth

Since attaining my undergraduate LLB degree, I have wanted to develop my commercial property market skills further. Victorstone was the perfect company for me to acquire commercial property awareness as they are an innovative and reputable corporation to work for. Over the years, I have accumulated copious written and verbal communication skills through working in various retail and hospitality sectors and my academic studies. Being lucky to reside locally in their buzzing city office has equipped me with sufficient knowledge of their property market areas.

Being able to work alongside a fantastic, hard-working team has inspired me to push myself beyond my current abilities. While undergoing training as a letting negotiator here at Victorstone, I have been able to shadow the experienced lettings team. They have been accommodating, especially my fellow colleague Arbaz, thus enabling me to strive in my current position. With the help of our management team, I have gotten an insight into how the company works. Their knowledge and personal experience allowed me to comprehend how complex London real estate market is and how the trends are constantly varying at a rapid rate; thus, this has aided me in ensuring I can ensure the clients are offered bespoke and intimate attention tailed to their precise needs. 

What attracted me to Victorstone is the company’s unparallel service and influential commercial presence in the property market internationally. Its innovative company ethos/ standards. Their dynamic and inventive approach to work has made my time working in a fast-paced environment as smooth as possible. Their impressive and profuse catalogue attracted me to work for the company and their devotion to charity work globally.”