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Senemsi Parlakyildiz

Associate Partner

Exceptional real estate prowess dedicated to maximising your property’s value. Proven track record of successful sales, strategic marketing, and personalised service. Choose me for a seamless and profitable home-selling experience. Dedication fuels her passion, and hard work is the engine that propels her success. In every endeavour.

Senemsi strives to turn aspirations into achievements, demonstrating that true passion and unwavering work ethic are the cornerstones of excellence. As a luxury property expert, she specialises in serving discerning clients with a refined taste for the extraordinary.

She focuses on individuals seeking opulent residences, exclusive estates, and unparalleled living spaces. With a commitment to delivering exceptional service, catering to the distinctive needs of high-net-worth individuals, providing a seamless and sophisticated experience in the luxury real estate market.

Prime London and North London are epitomes of luxury in the real estate landscape, offering an exquisite blend of luxury, culture, and unmatched amenities. Prime London, renowned for its prestigious neighbourhoods and iconic landmarks, presents a world-class living experience.

Meanwhile, North London, with its sophisticated charm and upscale communities, beckons those seeking exclusive residences in a refined setting. Her decision to study economic history at the London School of Economics reflects her desire to understand the economic forces shaping societies. This academic background uniquely equips me in real estate by providing insights into market trends, historical property values, and the economic factors influencing the real estate landscape. Armed with this knowledge, I navigate the market with a strategic edge, offering clients a well-informed perspective and the ability to make sound investment decisions in the dynamic world of real estate.

Senemsi’s diverse hobbies directly enrich her approach to real estate. A passion for networking sharpens her interpersonal skills, creating lasting connections with clients and industry professionals. Detail-oriented hobbies contribute to meticulous property evaluations, while creativity enables her to market homes effectively.

Senemsi says:

“I am a well-rounded individual and bring a unique perspective and versatile skill set to every real estate transaction, ensuring a personalised and successful experience for my clients.”

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