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Sourush Hayati

Associate Partner

Sourush is a knowledgeable Real Estate agent who works with clients selling Luxury Homes in prominent locations in London and the Middle East. Due to his multilingualism and Middle Eastern origins, Sourush has had the opportunity to interact with a wide range of clients. At the same time, he is employed with Victorstone as an Associate Partner.

Sourush is passionate about doing what is best for his clients and highly emphasises his interactions with property buyers and sellers. As a result of his extensive real estate experience, he can match his customers with the ideal property. Owing to his self-assurance and openness to communication, he has established connections with many people associated with upscale real estate.

Having achieved a first in International Relations, he adopted many skills in Real Estate, such as communication, patience and effective communication. The education provided an invaluable understanding of global affairs and a unique perspective on his career in real estate, as it portrayed a unique perspective on international property markets and the ability to navigate diverse cultural nuances.

With his deep understanding of geopolitical factors, he can strategically advise clients on investment opportunities, boasting his expertise in identifying emerging trends and potential risks. His degree and multicultural background allow him to foster connections with a wide range of clients, creating trust and facilitating successful real estate transactions on a domestic and global scale with first-time buyers, international investors, developers, and trusts.

Sourush says:

“Being an associate partner at Victorstone allows me to showcase my skills and passion for real estate. Victorstone is where I belong, and neither failure nor limits are part of our vocabulary.

Victorstone is an investment in my career, and I won’t stop growing. The sky is my limit.”