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Timothy Cox

Associate Partner

Timothy says:

“I’m an experienced sales professional, currently as an Associate Partner operating in South London and Surrey. Acting on behalf of owners of luxury properties and sourcing suitable buyers.

Having worked in the high-end automotive industry, I am looking forward to the inevitable challenges the Real Estate market offers. As I know people buy from people, and I bought into the directors at VictorStone, they are not only people from who I can learn everything a Real Estate Agent embodies but individuals with morals and beliefs like my own.

As a confident and dynamic young professional, I am proud to be part of the Victorstone team, where my entrepreneurial spirit and drive are recognised and nurtured. With my background in both business and property, I bring a unique and valuable perspective to the table. Combining my skills and Victorstone’s impressive 20 years of experience in the real estate industry is a winning formula for success.

I am passionate about delivering exceptional customer service and am dedicated to helping my clients find their dream properties. I thrive in the in-person customer service aspect of the role and enjoy educating and assisting people with their property searches. Whether it’s first-time buyers, seasoned investors or anyone in between, I am dedicated to finding the perfect solution for every one of my clients.

With Victorstone’s unwavering commitment to growth and success, I am confident in achieving my personal and professional goals. I am eager to continue growing and contributing to Victorstone’s journey as a leading real estate agency.

I am very excited about helping people find the house they can make a home.”