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Veera Kaur Josey

Associate Partner

Meet Veera Kaur Josey, an eminent high-end luxury real estate figure renowned for her exceptional sales prowess and visionary approach. With a journey that began humbly in door-to-door sales, Veera’s trajectory is a testament to her relentless ambition and unwavering determination. She has meticulously ascended the sales ladder, establishing herself as a powerhouse behind multi-million-pound transactions within the opulent property market.

Veera’s innate ability to connect with and truly understand her clientele’s unique aspirations allows her to curate bespoke experiences that consistently surpass expectations. Her expertise resonates deeply with those who seek the pinnacle of luxury in real estate, whether discerning property buyers or astute sellers in the high-end market. Beyond her illustrious achievements.

Veera’s passions extend to globetrotting to uncover captivating destinations, indulging in the finest Michelin-star dining experiences, and embracing exhilarating adventures. In perfect harmony with her professional excellence, Veera also treasures cherished moments with her family, recognising them as the cornerstone of her triumphs.

As Veera continues to set new benchmarks within the industry, her multifaceted journey remains a captivating blend of remarkable sales accomplishments, unmatched market insights, and an unbridled enthusiasm for life’s most lavish pleasures. If you’re a discerning property buyer or seller in the high-end market, prepare to embark on an unparalleled journey with Veera as your guide.

Veera is not just a titan in high-end luxury real estate; she’s also deeply committed to making a positive impact. A dedicated philanthropist, Veera finds solace in giving back to her local temple, where she nurtures a strong sense of community and spirituality. Beyond this, Veera’s heart extends to her four-legged friends as well. A devoted dog lover, she channels her passion into supporting Battersea Dogs Home, an organisation that resonates with her compassion and love for our furry companions. Her remarkable achievements and generosity make Veera a force to be admired.