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Diversity and Inclusion

We ensure everyone gets a chance to shine at Victorstone regardless of their gender, race, age, beliefs or preferences.

We are committed

You will struggle to find a company that’s more committed to recruiting staff from all backgrounds and of such a wide range of nationalities. From recent graduates to new trainees, experienced property consultants to summer interns, we have devised our recruitment strategy to ensure everyone gets a chance to shine at Victorstone, and that nobody is discriminated against for their gender, race, age, beliefs, or preferences.

We are proud to have an incredibly diverse workforce profile (which, conversely, we believe reflects the uniquely dynamic and multi-cultural nature of London, where we are based). Our staff range from 18 to 56 years old and speak more than 20 different languages between them – something which ensures we can handle international transactions with ease.

We are also committed to ensuring women are appropriately represented in our workplace, and currently boast a male to female ratio of 55% to 45%.