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Golden Visa for Engineering and Science

Requirements and costs for Engineering and Science

Under this category, an applicant and his family member can be granted a Golden Residency Visa for specialized talents and researchers in various fields of science and knowledge for 10 years without a sponsor and subject to renewal.


  • Applicants would require an attested degree (bachelor’s degree or higher), or a letter of equivalency for the academic degree from the Ministry of Education (for certificates from outside the country)
  • A copy of the sponsored residency
  • A work contract in one of the following disciplines: (Epidemiology and Viruses – Artificial Intelligence – Big Data – Computer Engineering – Electronics Engineering – Software Engineering – Electrical Engineering – Genetic Engineering – Biotechnology Engineering)

Golden Visa cost for Engineering and Science:

  • 10 years Golden Visa:
    Residency fees: AED 2790
    ID fees: AED 1070
  • 5 years Golden Visa:
    Residency fees: AED 2280
    ID fees: AED 575