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Aken Smith

Viewing Coordinator

Aken developed a passion for property throughout his time at Sixth Form where he participated in career and networking events, which developed his understanding of the property industry. This led him to feel compelled to enter the industry hands-on to explore his interest and continue to learn about real estate, allowing him to flourish and become as successful as he can be within the industry.

Aken says:

“Before joining Victorstone I worked in the retail and hospitality sector. Quickly I realised that this wasn’t the path for me, and didn’t feel that my jobs were rewarding for the time and dedication I put in. I then decided that property was the sector to aid suffice my hunger for success.

I was fortunate enough to have a friend who worked at Victorstone, who then referred me to the company. The reason being was that he saw the potential I possessed to be a successful viewing coordinator, as I could articulate myself well, I was confident and was a very welcoming individual who aimed to make everyone feel inclusive.

Joining Victorstone has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life so far. There’s only so much knowledge and understanding you can gain from reading or someone telling you information.

Victorstone has allowed me to approach the property industry hands-on, this has allowed me to flourish as I’m actively learning, and hurdling obstacles, leading me to surpass my limits and take advantage of all the amazing opportunities offered to me. At Victorstone, we refer to difficult situations as obstacles instead of problems, the reason being obstacles can always be conquered, whereas the term problem depicts negativity and doesn’t portray much hope for a solution.

I had a small amount of intel in the property sector, but nowhere near the breadth of knowledge the Directors hold. However, they really invested their time into training me and ensuring I could be an outstanding viewing coordinator and really master my skills in residential lettings. As stated previously, I want to be as successful as I can be in life and the fact that Victorstone is constantly challenging me to be the best I can as well as constantly allowing me to improve, they’re only widening my path to success in the future which I can’t thank them enough for.”