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Ateeqa Ibrahim

Associate Partner

As a seasoned entrepreneur in the real estate field, I am driven by the excitement of connecting people with their dream homes and investment opportunities. Ateeqa understands the significance of a house as a canvas for life’s memories and is dedicated to helping clients find the perfect setting for their stories. Focusing on the market in Central London and the surrounding counties.

Her diverse journey has equipped her with invaluable professional skills, from project management to meticulous organisation. My extensive background in hospitality has ingrained in her the importance of exceptional customer service, ensuring every client’s experience is unforgettable.

Ateeqa holds a BA in History and Renaissance Studies from the University of Warwick, enriching her artistry by infusing historical and cultural depth into her work. She believes art serves as a bridge to the past and a glimpse into the future, not merely an expression of the present.

A dedicated artist with a profound love for bespoke mural art and portraiture. With over a decade of experience in the craft, working on projects that excel and allow one to explore new horizons, challenge artistic boundaries and create unique works that are tailor-made to clients.

Beyond artistic pursuits, Ateeqa is an avid traveller and itinerary planner. Exploring new places, cultures, and landscapes is not just a hobby but a passion. Crafting the perfect itinerary is an art; she enjoys curating experiences that leave lasting impressions.