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Baha Gumarov

International Associate Partner - Central Asia Division & Ex-Soviet Regions

Baha, a skilled and multilingual real estate professional at Victorstone, is fluent in Russian and Kazakh and proficient in English, Spanish, and French. This linguistic versatility enables him to connect with a diverse clientele worldwide. With a background in immigration advising and having lived in five countries – France, Spain, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and the UK – Baha brings a global perspective to real estate.

His understanding of immigration processes helps him guide clients through property transactions, relocation, and immigration matters. This unique blend has honed Baha’s ability to understand and meet clients’ unique needs, making him more than a real estate agent; he is a dedicated partner in clients’ journeys, ensuring they achieve the best solutions.

In the dynamic world of real estate, his academic background in civil engineering empowers him to assess properties for their aesthetic appeal and structural integrity, energy efficiency, and sustainability. This expertise enables him to identify the best and safest properties from many developers, ensuring a secure and forward-thinking investment for the clients. In today’s climate-conscious era, sustainability is not just a buzzword but a necessity.

Connect with Baha for a personalised real estate experience that goes beyond expectations. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a first-time buyer, Baha is poised to guide you through every step of your real estate journey.

Baha says:

“People are born twice: The first time when they come to this World and the second time when they realise what they were born for. And so, by joining Victorstone, I realised what I was born for.”