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Beth Hang Su

International Associate Partner - Far East and Asia Division

Hang is a real estate professional based in the United Kingdom who manages clients from the Asian market, which includes China, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan.

Hang brings forth a unique blend of skills forged through creative problem-solving, client service expertise, and entrepreneurial triumphs. Hang’s journey, enriched by successful ventures in profitable Pop-up events and personal jewellery design, has cultivated a keen understanding of diverse markets. Hang is eager to integrate this diverse skill set and cultural insights into cross-border investment consultancy to drive sales success.

Hang has collaborated with global colleagues to establish investment centres in significant locations such as Hong Kong, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. Unfettered by geographical limitations, Hang navigates Victorstone’s vast array of real estate services, ensuring clients receive tailored investment opportunities.

Throughout Hang’s tenure, she has evolved into a specialised consultant, mainly focusing on mainland Chinese clients’ unique preferences and needs. In addition to guiding purchase and sale transactions, Hang offers valuable insights into leasing and property management for Chinese clients in the UK, the Middle East, North Africa, and the United States.

Hang’s academic background includes a master’s degree in User Experience from Kingston University, igniting her interest in customer relations. Hang is excited about the prospect of integrating her diverse background and personal elements into the dynamic field of investment consultancy to contribute to Victorstone’s continued success.

Hang says:

“The endlessly motivating environment and ethical ethos fostered by Victorstone have ultimately fuelled a sustained passion for international real estate, and I am thrilled for the journey to come.”