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Huzaifa Naveed

Viewing Coordinator

Prior to his role at Victorstone, Huzaifa was employed as a sales assistant in the retail industry. He is also an undergraduate Law student at the Queen Mary University of London.

As a consequence of studying land law, Huzaifa developed an immediate interest in the legal formalities governing transactions relating to residential and commercial property. More widely, this initiated him to understand the processes before the law is engaged, respectively, the business aspect, which involves liaising with landlords and potential tenants in renting, selling or purchasing property according to their demands.

Huzaifa says:

“One of the many reasons I was attracted to Victorstone was because they readily accepted employees with limited relevant experience. The company did this with the unique objective to equip its employees with a growth mindset and skills that would help them ameliorate individually. Owing to this approach, clearly reflected the company’s ambitious vision and values which automatically improved the performance of the firm, as employees were prepared to work above and beyond.

Being located in the heart of London meant that opportunities were endless. Victorstone provides its employees with the advantage to sell properties in an array of demanding locations within London, which are renowned both nationally and internationally. Thus, the location beneficially accelerates your career progression, as more incoming business equates to increased opportunities to showcase your skills for promotion.

Victorstone provides an invaluable wealth of experience with its intelligent team of directors and staff who are all devoted to achieving the highest level of professional standards for their clientele. Whilst training as a Viewing Coordinator, I was able to learn and refine the techniques of sales through being partnered up with multiple property consultants. This allowed me to understand the basics of persuading potential tenants to place a deposit in order to secure a property. With this training, I became confident and was able to combine the unique methods used by individual consultants to develop my own sales expertise ensuring that I was bringing in deals for the company.

I look forward to witnessing Victorstone solidifying their goals and ambitions and ultimately where the company’s growth will take me.”