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Ibrahim Kuntas

Associate Partner

Meet Ibrahim Kuntas, a professional dedicated to providing unparalleled service, Ibrahim’s mission is to serve clients by not just meeting but exceeding their expectations. 

Of Turkish/Kurdish origin he approaches each client relationship as an opportunity to curate unique solutions tailored to their specific needs. His commitment is to deliver an experience that goes far beyond conventional standards, leaving clients with a sense of satisfaction and delight.

His journey into the dynamic world of property began during his academic pursuits, where the complexities and strategic intricacies of business management ignited his interest in the real estate market.

Ibrahim seamlessly utilises a unique skill set, refined through academic rigour and practical experience, to ensure clear communication and understanding of real estate solutions. Driven by an unwavering pursuit of excellence, he blends professionalism and passion to elevate industry standards. Rooted in integrity, Ibrahim ensures client interactions characterised by trust, reliability, and a genuine dedication to success.

Specialising in luxury real estate services, Ibrahim seamlessly extends his expertise to cater to clients looking for investment opportunities or contemplating a move to Prime London and North London. His portfolio encompasses a diverse range of offerings tailored to those seeking not just a property but a lifestyle upgrade, presenting unique investment prospects and relocation solutions for a discerning clientele.

Ibrahim opted for a Business Management degree at the University of Surrey, driven by his interest in the social sciences shaping business dynamics. This journey equipped him with analytical thinking, strategic planning skills, and strong interpersonal abilities. The diverse curriculum laid the groundwork for his seamless transition into luxury real estate, where these skills are paramount, broadening his perspective and ensuring a nuanced approach in every endeavour.

Having captained a victorious football team at a charity week tournament, showcasing his leadership and teamwork. This experience has refined his strategic acumen, resilience, and communication skills. These attributes, honed through sports, directly contribute to his ability to lead and collaborate effectively in real estate, ensuring clients receive top-notch service and tailored solutions.

Ibrahim says:

‘I like to bring skills, passion, and commitment to excellence to the real estate landscape, providing clients with an exceptional experience that transcends their expectations’.