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Joe Haddouni

Associate Partner

Specialising in luxury sales, Joe brings a unique blend of knowledge and expertise to the real estate industry. In an entrepreneurial household where business and real estate were integral to his upbringing, Joe has cultivated a deep understanding of the market from a young age.

The thrill of making deals and exploring the endless possibilities in the industry fuels Joe’s drive to succeed—it’s an intrinsic part of his identity. With extensive experience and an unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service, Joe is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals.

Whether you’re seeking a lucrative real estate investment opportunity or a luxurious dream home, Joe’s expertise and entrepreneurial spirit position him as the ideal professional for those who demand excellence.

Joe holds a business management from Roehampton University, graduating with honours in 2017.  By having a business management degree, Joe has used this to his advantage in critical areas such as negotiation skills and Marketing knowledge, which has let him be one of Victorstone’s top negotiator

Leveraging his language skills to serve a diverse clientele, being fluent in Arabic is crucial in creating trust and understanding with his clients. This allows him to forge relationships and expand his network within London, the UK, and the Middle East.

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