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Josh Clingan

Associate Partner

Joshua is an experienced luxury real estate professional company director working with the Victorstone group. He is a natural people person and salesman dedicated to delivering the highest level of expertise and client satisfaction. 

Building his network through luxury sales and clienteling predominantly across London and the UK and further afield throughout Europe and the UAE. Dealing with high-value contracts and transactions with individual clients and on a B2B basis with some of the most well-renowned businesses in the world.

He focused on understanding his client’s needs in-depth and relating to them, believing this is the key to establishing long-lasting client relationships by offering an incomparable service from start to finish. He has excellent knowledge of Central London and West London, having lived and worked in multiple boroughs, giving him unique insights into locations across the capital.

As a connoisseur of aesthetics, Joshua studied Engineering Product Design for a degree, which allowed him to develop his understanding of the theory of how products are designed, the psychology of end users, and human-centric design. This allowed him to explore his passion as a designer and further develop his knowledge.

Originally from Luton, Josh loves to stay active and is a Tennis enthusiast; he believes in having a cold morning shower and being mindful throughout the day of himself and the people around him. In today’s world, staying positive can be difficult, and we can all strive to build a kinder world.

His passions lie in fashion, music and cooking as an ex-chef, and he finds spending an hour in the kitchen a meditative opportunity to detach from the world and unwind. Josh has been part of the team putting on bi-annual charity dinners, raising money for the Keech Hospice and diving out of a plane on a skydive for the charitable cause.

Josh says:

“In this current market, my vision is to make the world more welcoming and equal by sharing a never-give-up attitude and positive outlook on his friends and those around him. Anything is possible; never lose sight of your dreams or the inner child that dreamt them.”

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