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Laibah Hayat

Lettings Administrator

Laibah studied A-Levels in Psychology, Sociology and Law, and achieved three A*s. She is currently a student at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences, completing an undergraduate Law degree.

Laibah’s interest in property emerged from the appealing topic of real estate law (also known as property law) which taught her the importance of this sector, as property affects every individual in society, whether that be those renting or buying properties.

Laibah says:

“Victorstone provided me with the opportunity to embark upon my employment journey by hiring me with no previous work experience. I was given the chance to exhibit skills I acquired within the past few years when no other company was willing to offer me a job due to a lack of experience. Victorstone believed in my capability and offered me the role of property administrator.

Victorstone possesses a ‘drive’ that motivates all its workers to build strong relationships with clients, not only to make the business thrive in the public sector but also to enable employees to develop interpersonal skills which can be implemented in their future careers. Victorstone allows their workers to improve their confidence and communication skills which is a requisite for all individuals, regardless of their career choice. One aspect of Victorstone which makes them stand out is that they are always willing to consider new ideas from their employees, regardless of their age, in order to constantly improve the business and ensure everyone is heard.

Victorstone is always looking out for its workers and never misses the opportunity to promote an individual whom they believe is exceeding their job responsibilities and delivering an excellent impression on clients. Victorstone also offers numerous incentives to reward employees for their hard work and keep them motivated to show further dedication.

Upon joining the company, all employees are given thorough on the job training from an experienced worker in the same department. This is in order to ensure that the new employee is able to settle in and learn all the work in detail to prevent any confusion in the future. When I joined the company, I had approximately 2 weeks of training time, during which I was introduced to all the systems that are used within the company, a daily list of what needs to be completed, how to communicate with clients in an appropriate manner and how to prioritise certain tasks to ensure the smooth running of the department.

The fast-paced and energetic office environment is what sets Victorstone aside from other offices. Prior to joining Victorstone, I had the perception that an office environment would be ‘quiet’, ‘dull’ and ‘repetitive’, but very quickly I learnt that every day here brought with it different challenges and opportunities which helped me feel accomplished at the end of a busy day. Being a member of the Victorstone team is something I will always cherish and hope to continue my journey towards personal growth and success with the company.”