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Lauren Reid

Associate Partner

Lauren’s role involves liaising with our landlords, tenants and contractors; registering applicants and matching them to suitable rental properties; and guiding all parties along the process to move in.

Lauren says:

“Before working for Victorstone, I didn’t have a career path or ambition. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, and I felt like I never would. I found out about a position at Victorstone through a friend who was an employee at the company. I decided to apply, even though I didn’t believe I could do it and had quite a negative mindset. I went into the interview and soon realised that a negative attitude was not an option.

Since being employed at Victorstone, it’s been refreshing, inspiring and motivational to be in an environment where you can adapt as a person and develop new skills. To be a part of a company that I can see myself moving forward in and working with people that inspire me to work to the best of my ability is so beneficial for me, as I appreciate the wealth of knowledge I can gain from my team.

Through working for Victorstone, I have had endless opportunities to liaise with different clients, customers, and colleagues, which has built up my confidence, communication, and customer service skills. The company provided me with mindset training which enabled me to understand how to be more positive and has increased my self-esteem.

The thing I love most about my position at Victorstone is that I travel around London, seeing different places and getting a feel for the city I live in. I meet numerous people daily in several other locations and enjoy the fact that no two days are ever the same. I can’t wait to see where this position takes me and to be able to move up in a business that is already thriving and that I love being a part of.”