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Leah Jobbins

Viewing Coordinator

Leah shares responsibility for coordinating and scheduling property viewings with buyers and tenants with our property agents.

Having built her professional confidence working in retail, catering and hospitality, Leah thrives in working in our fast-paced and highly communicative environment. She has undertaken extensive product and sales training with our team which has enabled her to further her knowledge and stay competitive in her role.

Leah says:

“Before working for Victorstone, I was unsure which career path I wanted to take. Working in the property sector has always interested me and I was fortunate enough to gain work experience as an estate agent. However, I felt that I may not be able to enter the property industry due to my lack of experience and qualifications. Luckily, Victorstone saw something in me and opened my first door into the property world.

I am constantly learning and evolving. I feel that the support I receive here has been beneficial and will certainly assist me in my future career progression with the company. The company will also ensure I gain the relevant qualifications in this arena to create longevity for myself with Victorstone.

Aside from my professional career, I have been heavily involved in working with young people in youth clubs, supporting them through both recreational and structured workshops that enabled them to gain real-life experiences in the real world. Seeing them grasp and understand what life will be like has filled me with a sense of satisfaction.”

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