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Mahbub Khan

Associate Partner

Mahbub is a highly driven and motivated real estate professional working within prime London and the Home Counties. Having a profound knowledge of the market within London, Mahbub has practical knowledge of each locality within London and has built a diverse network of clients with whom he has formed strong relationships.

Mahbub has a passion for real estate and strives to consistently deliver the best results for his clients by attaining the highest possible rates. And has a measured but confident and proactive approach to each project.

Mahbub appreciates and values the trust placed in him by clients who list their homes with him. Mahbub understands that this is often a high-value asset and a home with memories and emotions attached to it; thus, Mahbub treats any relationship with his clients with the utmost care and attention and is always determined to do the best for them.

The values at Victorstone reflect my own; the company’s ethos is based on providing the best possible service to clients while doing their bit to make the world a better place through charity work. This is something which Mahbub holds close to his heart, having raised money for charity by completing numerous hikes across the UK and Ireland.

Mahbub says:

“I am proud and honoured to be part of such a talented team where I can work with clients at home in the UK and network with some of the world’s largest property developers.”