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Omar Diaa Mahmoud

International Associate Partner - North Africa & Middle East Division

Omar is an international real estate consultant specialising in assisting international investors and buyers in sourcing the property that aligns with that criteria and supporting homeowners needed to sell their house to move to their dream home. Our service here at Victorstone is guaranteed to be premium and satisfactory to all clients and investors interested in the Capital of Europe and the world.

As an individual, he is an interdisciplinary business-minded engineer with a degree in Engineering and a postgraduate degree in Entrepreneurship and innovation from the prestigious Queen Mary University of London.

Following his successful academic journey, he went to work and grew in various fields like Auditing, Automotive, Technology and Real Estate. This exposed Omar to work with corporate giants and customers like PwC, Valeo and Mercedes Benz. The mentioned broad skills and experiences have equipped him with the skills needed to ensure innovative and utilised solutions to the business he is involved in and to provide his clients with unrivalled quality through service. Nevertheless, a service that abides by Victorstone core values.

Omar says:

“In the last decade, before joining Victorstone, I assisted family members and friends in selling their houses and securing them a perfect opportunity that matched their needs. Since then, I have devoted myself to the real estate industry and am always keen to ensure a smooth deal that leaves all parties happy.”