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Saron Daniel Alem

Viewing Coordinator

Delivering exceptional results even when under pressure, Saron is a valued member of our viewing team. Prior to his career at Victorstone, Saron worked as a teaching assistant, where he collaborated closely with teachers to ensure the children understood their work and challenging behaviours were dealt with appropriately.

Saron says:

“Since joining Victorstone, it has been a refreshing start, as I have been interacting closely with my colleagues and ensuring I leave at the end of every day knowing I have learned something new. When I first joined, I was nervous as I had no relative experience, but that was not going to knock down my confidence. There’s always room for improvement as the director of the company led an extremely helpful induction to prepare you. In all honesty, the induction made me eager to progress rapidly which I aspire to do and knowing that the managers are always there to help you along the way is beneficial.

What I love about Victorstone the most is the support you get. The staff here are extremely welcoming and have such drive to progress individually. It is extremely motivating as I aspire to one day become a senior negotiator and become as successful as the directors. 

Every day is different here at the office, which I like as you meet different people and begin to further understand the opportunities that are available to you within the company.  I believe every candidate has a significant role, and everyone here at Victorstone is valued, which makes the environment very pleasant to work in.

I know if I put in the hours and contribute demanding work throughout, I will evidently progress, and the yearned-for result will show. Becoming a Viewing Coordinator has been a great achievement as it means I am always wanting more for myself.”