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Sasha Amir

Associate Partner

Sasha is a dynamic professional with a fervent passion for the real estate industry, specialising in property expertise and sales optimisation, particularly in the vibrant North West London area. In her current role, Sasha is committed to delivering precise property valuations and employing strategic approaches to ensure her clients achieve the best possible sales prices. She thrives in navigating the real estate market’s intricacies, consistently attaining optimal results for a diverse portfolio of properties. With a wealth of experiences gained from living in eight different cities, Sasha brings a unique and global perspective to her work.

Before her current role, Sasha was the Associate Director of Strategy and Business Development at CoverisQ, a leading insurance company renowned for its innovative solutions. In this capacity, she honed a versatile skill set and played a pivotal role in contributing to the team’s success. Sasha led teams and projects aligned with the company’s vision and goals, expanding her expertise within the insurance industry.

Sasha holds a Politics and International Relations degree from Queen Mary University of London, graduating with honours in 2022. Her robust analytical skills and proficiency in data analysis are instrumental in researching, evaluating, and executing new business initiatives. In 2021, she showcased her entrepreneurial spirit by successfully launching and managing a start-up insurance marketplace, which now boasts over 20,000 users. Sasha’s multifaceted experience also includes developing and implementing marketing strategies, content production, and social media monitoring.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Sasha is deeply passionate about innovation and social impact. Her internship at Charity Water exemplifies her commitment to making a positive difference in the world. Sasha is naturally curious and always eager to acquire new skills and explore fresh opportunities.

Her guiding principle, “When passion meets work, work becomes a hobby,” encapsulates Sasha’s enthusiastic and dedicated approach to her professional journey. For those seeking collaboration or exploration of opportunities within the dynamic realm of real estate, connecting with Sasha promises a rewarding and inspiring experience.