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Stefania Magdalena

Associate Partner

Stefania is a highly motivated and driven professional with expertise in International Business and various sectors. As an Associate Partner with Victorstone, she broadens her knowledge and entrepreneurial skills, contributing to the growth of the real estate industry alongside an established partner.

She brings a unique and valuable perspective to the table via her knowledge of different cultures and multilingual skills. Combining her skills and Victorstone’s impressive strategy in the real estate industry represents a tremendous winning formula for success.

Some of Stefania’s achievements include strategic real estate management and development, analysis of market trends and identification of opportunities, oversight of buying, selling, and investment activities in prime real estate markets, initiatives for business growth and expansion, commercial real estate, contract negotiation, and ensuring compliance.

Her MBA in International Business uniquely equips her for the real estate industry. She offers insights into market trends, historical property values, and economic factors influencing the landscape. She navigates the market strategically, providing clients with informed perspectives for sound investment decisions.
Stefania is enthusiastic about fostering collaborations and exploring new opportunities within the real estate sector. She is open to further dialogue about potential partnerships, sharing industry insights, or exploring avenues for growth and success.

Stefania says:

“Within the harmonious commerce cycle, the customer’s joy becomes the currency of success. Every smile becomes a cornerstone in this virtuous exchange, forging a path where prosperity embraces all.”