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Tahera Zaman

International Investment Consultant

A cross-border investment consultant to large institutions, and high-net-worth individuals in prime, bulk and single transactions across the world.

Tahera witnessed the growth of Victorstone’s International movement and conspires collaboratively with her international colleagues in the creation of investment hubs in the likes of Hong Kong, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Unbounded by any geographical markets, Tahera can contribute a seamless advantage across Victorstone’s many real estate services to ensure the most appropriate investment opportunities are presented to her clients. Through her journey in Victorstone, Tahera has become a specialist in advising clients not only on their purchase and sale but also on prospective letting and property management of their property across the UK, MENA and the US. Tahera has strong experience in development, valuation of residential property and asset management. Tahera ensures her clients are based and informed on key markets internationally and takes great pride in being a single point of contact for her client’s real estate demands. Tahera has accrued an elite clientele through her progressive high-profile sales across Victorstone and has extensive knowledge in the experience of Prime Property Sales.

Tahera graduated in BA International Relations which had stemmed her interest in global relations. With a keen interest in foreign policy, political analysis, and global governance the evolution of economic forces within the international system that drives universal growth has allowed Tahera to apply her knowledge and passion in the day-to-day running of her role. Tahera regularly partook in Model United Nations conferences as an expression of passion for international affairs and concepts.

From a young age, Tahera has actively participated in charities that focus on the improvement of humanitarian conditions for those in need such as Islamic Relief and Muslim Aid.

Tahera says:

‘’Tunnel-vision. Stimulating. Excellence – three words that encompass my journey within Victorstone. An endlessly stimulating environment and ethic provided by Victorstone have culminated in a consistent passion for greatness. Coming to work every day to a tight-knit family unit is so rewarding.”

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