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Talha Coskun

Residential Lettings

An enthusiast in real estate with a background in City and Regional Planning and a master’s degree in international business management, I embarked on my professional journey right after completing my bachelor’s degree in Ankara, Turkey – a city that bridges cultures and opportunities. Early in my career, I found my niche in assisting overseas buyers in navigating the real estate landscape, capitalizing on my multilingual skills in a region with limited English-speaking agents.

My zeal for exploration and connecting with diverse individuals aligns seamlessly with my role as a real estate agent. Venturing into uncharted territories, both in terms of places and people, has not only satiated my wanderlust but has also refined my understanding of different preferences and needs – a valuable asset in the world of real estate.

From my ambitious beginnings, I am on a trajectory of becoming a distinguished real estate professional in the heart of London. My ambition, drive, and unwavering dedication are aimed at establishing a reputation as a trusted agent known for delivering unparalleled service. Just as the diverse cityscape of London offers a tapestry of possibilities, I am committed to tailoring each client’s experience to their unique aspirations and dreams.

Talha says:

“My journey with Victorstone has been a remarkable voyage marked by growth, learning, and the joy
of contributing to a dynamic team. From the moment I joined this vibrant organization, I was
embraced by opportunities that have enriched my knowledge and expertise.

More than a workplace, Victorstone is a tightly-knit family. A community where every individual
collaborates synergistically, channelling their efforts toward unlocking the company’s true potential.
It’s a privilege to be part of this journey, where I continue to learn, thrive, and contribute to the
collective success that defines Victorstone.”