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Tyrik Manning

Associate Partner

Meet Tyrik Manning, who has a passion and love for real estate. He is now known to be a well-driven and resilient estate agent for his intuition on the market paired with a unique, exceptional selling experience.

Mainly operating in the heart of south London, with his partnership with Victorstone and the area being so diverse in different communities, he was able to find a massive clientele list.

Originally from south London all his life, he is determined to showcase and upscale all properties in the south from family homes to penthouses canary wharf. Turning the dreams of buyers’ and sellers’ luxury homes into reality.

Through his academic career, he re-embodied the skills he learned, now embedded in his work. His work, commitment, and trust in his clientele highlight the ideas of integrity, professionalism, and hard work.

Tyrik’s passions include; Experiencing different cuisines, Adrenaline adrenaline-filled experiences. Mirroring the way, he works to surpass your expectations and give you an experience you will never be able to forget.