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Zoha Hayaat


Before working at Victorstone, Zoha obtained significant retail experience as a sales assistant. Alongside working at JD Sports earlier in her career, she is also an undergraduate law student at the City University of London.

Zoha’s interest in property stemmed from land law, a module she was studying as part of her degree. This taught her the fundamental purpose of property rights and how the law seeks to resolve conflicts through statute and equity.

Zoha says:

“The ambitious and dynamic company culture, where all employees are eager to succeed, is what attracted me to work with Victorstone. Individuals are motivated and have a lot of company pride.

One aspect of Victorstone that I admire is that, as an employee, you can give critical feedback about the strengths and weaknesses of the company and the team ensures that this critical feedback is taken on board. Employees are encouraged to work together and there is an emphasis on innovation and brainstorming. This ensures that employee opinions and ideas are respected, and therefore, the team will benefit from a variety of perspectives and creative angles. Moreover, the company allows you to develop in your individual careers. Employees are given the opportunity to alter job roles and progress within the department if the individual demonstrates the commitment and the determination required.

The training offered at Victorstone is intricate and in-depth. Whilst training as a property administrator, I was able to learn about the software and the systems promptly. I was partnered up with another employee for the first few weeks, who taught me the basics of the administration department. With this rigorous training, I became confident in how to use the systems and how to communicate with clients and the rest of the team to ensure the department runs effectively. My manager was also extremely supportive and helpful in helping me understand the running of the department. Regular meetings with the rest of the team ensured that we prioritised our tasks and achieved our goals.

What sets Victorstone apart from other companies is its stimulating work environment. This encouraged me to think swiftly many times, especially during busy hours. This ensures that you grow in your own individual role, but you also help the team evolve. Being a part of the Victorstone team has always been such a pleasure and I am excited to see where the company takes me, as the culture is one that looks to expand and build constantly.”